Terms & Conditions

1. Holding Dates
Premier Beats Entertainment does not hold any dates until the required deposit is paid or full balance. Once deposit or full balance has been paid your booking is confirmed.

2. Violence & Abuse towards DJs and team members
Premier Beats Entertainment takes violence & abuse towards DJs & team members very serious. If any violence & abuse is made during the date from you the booker or guests, Premier Beats Entertainment has the right to call the police to the venue and also Premier Beats Entertainment has the right to finish the night and leave the venue with all equipment. No refund will be made if this happens.

3. Damage or stolen goods
In the event of any damage caused by your guests to equipment or materials provided by Premier Beats Entertainment, the booker shall be liable to pay in full for the repair or replacement cost of equipment and the hire of necessary equipment or materials during repair work until carried out.

4. Sound Limiters
If Premier Beats Entertainment is preforming with a LIVE sound limiter, we will try our best not to trigger the limier. However sometimes triggering these limiters in some venues can be very easy and must be reset. If no reset key is available or no staff to reset the device, Premier Beats Entertainment will not be held responsible for this issue.

5. Booker Accidentally hired another provider
If Premier Beats Entertainment arrives to booked venue for your event and you the booker accidentally has hired another provider, no refund will be given. If CASH payment has been arranged this must to paid even if Premier Beats Entertainment is not to provide any service.

6. Blacklisted Venues
Premier Beats Entertainment has the right to cancel a booking if we have worked in your booked venue in the past and staff members of the venue have given us violence or abuse during working. These venues are blacklisted for future bookings.

7. Venue Conditions & Limitations
If Premier Beats Entertainment arrives at a venue and is not suitable for installing equipment we can refuse to setup and no refund of full balance will be given.

8. Venue Access

8.1 Safe Access
Premier Beats Entertainment requires safe access to the building while loading equipment into the venue. If we feel the access is unsafe we can refuse setup and no refund will be made.

8.2 Upstairs
If any equipment with our services must be taken into a venue that is raised or above ground with floor any steps, stairs or ramps, we charge for this service. We charge a min of £25 per service to go up steps, stairs, or ramps to any venue or building that is raised or above ground floor. An upstairs charge will be in your quotation or may be added at a later date after a venue inspection. If you fail to inform Premier Beats Entertainment that your booked venue or building is raised or above ground floor you will be charged £50-£100 per service depending on the circumstances of loading in. This must be to paid to us on the same date as your event, we can take payments cash or via credit or debit card. This must be paid before we unload the equipment.

8.3. Lift Access
If your booking has been agreed to use a lift in your booked venue to load the equipment upstairs we may not charge you an upstairs cost depending on the type of load in. If your venues lift has broken down and we have to carry the equipment up the stairs you will then be charged per service. If the lift has broken down and find the load in via stairs is a health and safety issue we will refuse to take equipment upstairs, we also wont allow guests or the booker to carry the equipment upstairs as we will not take responsibility for any injury. If the venues lift has broken down and we refuse to carry the equipment up the stairs, we will take no responsibility and no refund will be given.

9. Cancellations & Payments

9.1 Full Balance Payment

The full balance for your event must be settled 21 days prior to the event date. Failure to make this payment gives Premier Beats Entertainment the right to cancel your event and accept other bookings for the same date/booking slot. Overdue payments will still be required if you cancel your event.

9.2. Event Cancellations

  • Initial Deposit: 

    A non-refundable deposit is required upon booking to secure your event date. The deposit required for booking is 20%. This deposit ensures confirmation of your selected service.

  • Cancellation Timeframes and Refunds: 

    Cancellation between 21 and 14 days before the event entitles you to a 50% refund of the remaining balance, post the initial deposit deduction.

    Cancellation within 14 days of the event leads to forfeiture of the entire payments already made. If your balance is still to be paid while cancelling your event and is less than 14 days to your event date, you still will be liable to pay your remaining balance.

9.3. Canceling part of your service

If you have booked more than one service and you decide to cancel part of your booked services you would lose your deposit for each service you cancel. We charge 20% deposit per service. If you have booked a multi package and cancel multiple services leaving only 1 service left we may have to re-quote you based on only using 1 service, we may also cancel your booking as 1 service may not be worthwhile if travel is too far.

9.4. Overdue Payments

If your payment becomes overdue and you decide to cancel the event, the outstanding balance remains payable. This is due to the commitment and resources allocated in preparation for your event. Non-payment of the overdue balance will result in the amount being referred to a collection agency for further action.

11. Move booking to another date
You can move your booking to another date only if we are available that date, if we not available that date, unfortunately there would be no refund on your deposit.

12. illness
Premier Beats Entertainment wont be held liable for staff illness and if your booking can’t be fulfilled. In this case we will inform you the booker as soon as possible of the situation. Premier Beats Entertainment will try our very best to find replacement supplier without any extra charges. If we are unable to provide a replacement supplier we would refund you all payments made to us.

13.  Dance Floors

13.1 Starlit Dance Floors (LED): Our starlit dance floors are designed exclusively for indoor use, or for setup within professional marquees that have firm, boarded flooring. We cannot install our dance floors on grass or any outdoor uneven surface. Please be aware that Premier Beats Entertainment reserves the right to decline setup if the venue fails to meet these requirements, and no refunds will be provided under these circumstances.

It is crucial to prevent the spillage of any liquid onto our starlit dance floors to maintain safety and functionality. Each dance floor panel contains electrical copper connections that power up once switched on. These connections are situated between each panel when the floor is laid. In the event of liquid spillage onto the dance floor, which could cause a copper connection to malfunction, spark, damage the venue’s carpet, or even cause a fire, Premier Beats Entertainment will not assume responsibility for any damages or hazards caused.

In the interest of safety, we use gaffa tape to secure the dance floor’s power edging and main power cable. This mitigates any movement during the event and accommodates the variable lengths of the power cable depending on setup. Additionally, this reduces potential trip hazards near the dance floor, as opposed to using rubber covers.

To uphold the integrity and safety of our starlit dance floors, we will supply a ‘No Drinks on the Dance Floor sign’. This must be visibly displayed in proximity to the dance floor for the entirety of the event. Adherence to this guideline is essential for preventing potential damages and safety hazards.

13.2 Starlit Dance Floors & Non Led Dance Floors: The use of foil confetti on our dance floors is strictly prohibited. Foil, due to its conductive properties, can interfere with the electrical systems of our LED floors, leading to potential power issues. Furthermore, coloured foil confetti poses a risk of staining not only our dance floors but also the venue’s furniture and carpet.

Please be aware that if foil confetti is used, a substantial cleaning fee will be levied. In some cases, staining may prove impossible to remove. If a dance floor panel is permanently stained due to confetti use, a replacement fee for the affected panel will be charged. The cost per panel varies based on the type of dance floor hired and will range between £100 to £300.

As an exception, tissue paper confetti is permitted on our dance floors. However, foil confetti is categorically banned due to the reasons stated above.

14. Moving Equipment 
Equipment must not be moved by anyone including venue staff without permission. Moving dance floors are not be moved by anyone other than Premier Beats Entertainment staff, permission will never be given to move or dismantle dance floors. 

15. Flooring Protection
In order to maintain the impeccable condition of each venue we serve, we kindly request notification of any specific flooring protection requirements at the time of booking or well in advance. This would pertain to the use of our equipment, including dance floors and indoor staging.

While our inventory boasts a generous supply of tarpaulin, which usually meets the requirements of most venues, there are instances where a more tailored floor protection solution, like carpeting or specific materials, may be desired. Please be aware that acquiring these specific materials would incur additional charges. This includes costs related to procurement, extra labor, and administrative tasks.

Should we receive a request for customized flooring protection less than 21 days before the event, we reserve the right to decline. In cases where the venue doesn’t approve of our standard flooring protection (tarpaulin) due to the lack of prior notice, the booking might be subject to cancellation. In such situations, the cancellation conditions detailed in section 9.3 would be applicable.

16. Increase In running Costs
Should we encounter unexpected surges in our operational expenses, we may find it necessary to adjust the cost of your booking accordingly. In such instances, we pledge to notify you at the earliest convenience. Upon notification, you are presented with two choices: you may either proceed with the booking at the revised price or opt to cancel. These fluctuations in costs could be attributed to factors such as significant increases in fuel prices or the introduction of a clean air zone by the council in the vicinity of the booked venue.

17. Unforeseen Circumstances

If any unforeseen circumstances take place during your event refunds may be given and refund amount will be discussed with you. If we feel a refund is not necessary, no refund will be given.

18. Weather Conditions
Premier Beats Entertainment places utmost importance on the safety of our staff and clients. In the event of severe weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, floods, or strong winds occurring on the date of your booking, and these conditions prohibit us from executing the event, please note that we will not be able to offer refunds.

However, we do understand the unpredictability of such events and, as such, we’re open to rescheduling your event given that we have availability on the newly proposed date. It is the responsibility of the person booking to coordinate a potential reschedule, and this is subject to confirmation of availability with Premier Beats Entertainment.

19. PLI & PAT Documents
“Premier Beats Entertainment is deeply committed to ensuring top-tier safety standards and adherence to all legal requirements. Upon request, we proudly provide both PAT Testing and Public Liability Insurance coverage for venues. It’s important to highlight that our Public Liability Insurance is capped at £5 million, which accommodates the requirements of 99% of venues. Should your venue have specifications exceeding this limit, any additional insurance needed will incur an administrative charge, which will be the responsibility of the client for their event date(s). Kindly note that if your event is scheduled after the expiration of our current certificates, we will swiftly issue new ones upon our policy renewal. For ease of reference and assurance, our most recent Public Liability Insurance and PAT certificates can always be accessed in the ‘Client Area’ of our website.

20. Venue Contract Terms with Premier Beats Entertainment

20.1. Submission of Venue Contracts:
Clients intending to book with Premier Beats Entertainment are requested to send over any supplier contracts from their chosen venue prior to finalizing a booking. Early submission allows us to review and ensure that the venue’s terms align seamlessly with our service provision.

20.2. Review & Approval Process:
Upon receiving the supplier contract, Premier Beats Entertainment will conduct a detailed review. Following our assessment, we will communicate our acceptance of the contract or highlight any terms we can’t agree to.

19.3. Post-Booking Contract Submission:
If a supplier contract is received after a booking has been confirmed with Premier Beats Entertainment, we are still open to review and potentially sign it. However, if we encounter certain terms we can’t agree to, we won’t be able to sign the contract. In such cases, cancellations resulting from these disagreements will adhere to our standard cancellation policy as detailed in Section 9.3 of our Terms and Conditions.

20.4. Client Responsibility:
Clients are strongly encouraged to send the supplier contract prior to booking. This step is crucial in identifying and resolving potential disagreements in advance, giving clients the opportunity to consider alternate providers if necessary.

20.5. Right to Decline:
Premier Beats Entertainment reserves the right to decline a booking if a supplier contract received post-booking includes terms that conflict with our operational standards or the agreed-upon services for the event.

21. Complaints
We deal with complaints very seriously at Premier Beats Entertainment. If you wish to file a complaint to us you can do by emailing contact@premierbeats.co.uk. A member of staff will email you back soon as possible. 

22. Terms & Conditions
Premier Beats Entertainment reserves the right to change terms & conditions at any time and you the booker agree to accept any update to them.

You the booker agrees to these booking terms by clicking the tickbox before deposit has been paid to Premier Beats Entertainment via our website. 

Last Updated: 1st July 2023

Led Dance Floor Rules & Instructions

(Only applies to customers that have booked an LED dance floor)

How to switch on the dance floor (Instruction)
If your dance floor is being installed in the morning before guests arrive we normally switch off the dance floor once installed. To switch on the dance floor simply switch ON the plug socket the dance floor power supply is connected to, our dance floor power supply will always be connected to our own extension lead along with the dance floor remote receiver. Please don’t plug anything else into our extension lead.

How to change the dance floor colour (Instruction)
When the dance floor is switched on, it boots up in multi-colour fade mode. You can use the dance floor remote which will be located on top of the dance floor power supply to change the colour such as White, Blue, Green, Red etc. You can also make the dance floor twinkle using this remote. The dance floor modes are displayed on top of the power supply.

Drinks & Liquid Spillage (Notice)
You and your guests must not spill any liquid onto our starlit dance floors, this includes drinking and dancing. Each starlit dance floor panel has electrical copper connections which connect to each panel as they are laid down, these connections power up each panel once switched on, these are located in between each panel. If you or one of your guests spill a drink onto the dancefloor and leaks in between a panel it could cause a copper connection to malfunction or spark. If a drink is spilt the venue or guests must clean up soon as possible.

Foil Confetti (Banned)
YOU MUST NOT USE FOIL CONFETTI ON OUR LED DANCE FLOORS. Foil confetti can cause power problems with our led floors, this is because foil can conduct electricity. If foil confetti get stuck inside a copper connection this could cause a malfunction or sparks. If any sparks occur during use, you must switch off the dance floor.

Coloured Foil Confetti (Banned)
YOU MUST NOT USE COLOURED FOIL CONFETTI ON OUR LED DANCE FLOORS. Using coloured foil confetti will stain our dance floors along with the venue’s furniture and carpet! If we find you have used foil confetti you will be charged a cleaning bill. Sometimes the stain does not remove, if the staining does not remove from a dance floor panel you will be charged full price of a dance floor panel.

Paper confetti (Notice)
Paper confetti is allowed on our dance floors. Paper confetti does not stain furniture our dance floor panels or conduct electricity.

Dance Floor Location (Notice)
Starlit dance floors must be used for indoor use only or inside a professional marquee with boarded flooring. We will refuse to setup a starlit dance floor on grass, outdoor or any uneven surface. If we arrive at venue with these limitations no refund will be given.