Our Black and white checkerboard dance floors are a great replacement to the plain wooden dance floor. Our black and white dance floors can be laid down on pretty much any floor inside or outside. If the floor is slightly uneven, no problem as the dance floor locks its self together and does not spilt apart during use. Our black and white dance floors come in sections of 2ft by 2ft and comes with aluminium sloping edging, which is perfect for easy access for guest entering and leaving the dance floor.

Hiring our checkered black & white dance floors look great for pretty much any event, birthday party, wedding, corporate or anything else. If your having your event in an outdoor marquee you will want a dance floor. This is a perfect choice and not to costly.

Installing our black and white dance floors take around 30 minutes. You can hire our black and white dance floors on there own or in a package.

Our dance floors are cleaned and polished after every event making the floor nice and shiny for the next use. You can also lay our dance floor down on grass, however the grass must be dry and will include a cleaning fee of £50 added onto your bill.

Total GuestsDancing GuestsSizeCost
Up to 1003012ft x 12ft£195
100 – 1504514ft x 14ft£245
150 – 2006016ft x 16ft£295
200 – 30010018ft x 18ft£345
250 – 40015020ft x 20ft£400
300 – 50020022ft x 22ft£450

Costing includes delivery, install and removal at end of event. There may be fuel costs added on if outside the midlands.