Uplighting | Mood Lighting Hire

Hire our uplighting to make your room give that wow factor. Our uplighting can be installed anytime either in the morning or just before your evening starts. Our uplighting package includes 14 high powered units which can be set to any colour.

If your having uplighting installed for the evening slot we would install wire free and run the uplighters from batteries giving you a clean and fast install. If your having your uplighters installed in the morning or day, we would install wired, that way they can be left on all day, all evening. We will make sure there neatly wired up. We would require plugs around the room.

If you need anymore then 16 units please do contact us as we can source more units for your event.

Uplighting | Booked With Another Service

Up To 14 Uplighting Units
£ 150
  • Saves costs by bookeing with another service

Uplighting | Separate Install

Up To 14 Uplighting Units
£ 200
  • Uplighting Separate install.