Dry Ice Effect Hire

About Our Dry Ice Hire

Looking for a great effect for your first dance, dry ice is definitely the one. Well in fact its a really old effect but rarely used at weddings, its more a high end effect such as used on X-Factor or Britains Got Talent. Why not bring it to your wedding and wow your guests but take home the most amazing photos of you and your partner dancing on the clouds.

Our dry Ice hire is a true professional effect using real dry ice and a very expensive machine. Dry ice doesn’t last too long unused so we have the ice delivered direct to the venue using our reliable supplier, and then put into our machine during your first dance.

The effect will last for your first dance only.


From £300
  • Dancing on the clounds for your first dance. Lasts Approx 2-3 mins.
  • Monday Weddings £500*
  • Tuesday Weddings £300
  • Wednesday Weddings £300
  • Thursday Weddings £300
  • Friday Weddings £300
  • Saturday Weddings £350*
  • Sunday Weddings £450*
  • *Please note: Prices differ depending on the day of the wedding. This is because dry ice evaporates overtime. Monday is the most expensive day to have a dry ice effect. This is because the dry ice is manufactured on Thursday and delivered to us on the Friday and stored over the weekend right through to Monday evening. We unfortunately can’t get the dry ice manufactured and delivered on the same day.